How to Freeze a Patient to Prevent Updates

In this tutorial you will learn how to freeze a patient’s record to prevent any additional updates to its account.

Only Super-Admins can freeze patients.

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Why Freeze a Record?

You may want to freeze a record because the patient is part of a criminal investigation or it is a high value case and you want to be absolutely certain that nothing was added or deleted to the record after the patient has been dispositioned from your organization. 

How to Freeze a Patient Record

Step 1

Visit and log into your account using the username and password that you registered with.  

Step 2

Go to the patient record you wish to freeze. You can access this in a variety of ways: enter the patient number or search for the species.

Step 3

Click on the More tab, which pulls up a drop down menu. Click on Patient Settings link.

Step 4

On the next screen, click the pink button saying Freeze this Patient to Prevent Any Further Updates. Only Super-Admins have access to this feature.

Step 5

On the next screen, you will see a blue banner confirming the freeze at the top of the record.

Please note that while you can go into the patient’s record and even type into the fields, you will never be able to change or delete anything. Not only is there no save button, but WRMD will remember that the record is frozen and will not allow any tampering of the record whatsoever.

The only way to change this setting is for the Super-Admin to go back into the record and unfreeze it.

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