How to Add a Recheck to a Patient

In this tutorial you will learn how to add or manage patient rechecks.

Adding a Standard Recheck to a Patient Record

Step 1

Visit and log into your account using the username and password that you registered with.  

Step 2

Go to the patient record you wish to add a recheck. 

Step 3

Click on the Continued Care tab in the patient record.

Step 4

Scroll down on this screen until you see the rechecks panel. 

In this area, you can see a list of all scheduled and past rechecks. Rechecks with a grayed out background and have a checkmark in the green circle, have been completed. Those with a white background and empty green circle still need to be performed.

Step 5

Click the Scheduled At textbox and choose the appropriate date on the calendar. 

Step 6

Click the Assigned to textbox a choose the appropriate person to perform the job.

Step 7

In the Recheck Description box, type in the action that needs to be performed. 

Step 8

Click the green Create New Recheck Button. The new recheck should appear in the list. 

Adding an Alert to a Recheck

To add a recheck with significant importance and that is highly visible to the user on the patient record, perform steps 5-8 as listed in the Standard Adding Recheck procedure (as seen above), but in the  Assigned to dropdown menu, choose Alert.

This action will add the recheck to the list as normal, but on the day the patient is to be evaluated, you will also see a blue banner at the top of the patient record, alerting you to the urgency of the evaluation.

Seeing Rechecks for All Animals in the Hospital

In the Quicklinks menu, click on the Rechecks link. 

You will be directed to a page that lists all of the rechecks assigned for the current date (the WRMD default)  

Filtering Rechecks

The recheck list defaults to showing rechecks for all patients, including patients who are on or off medications or pending/not pending. This allows you to schedule rechecks for animals that may have died or were euthanized due to a suspected contagious disease. You can schedule a recheck on that non-pending patient to ensure you receive the results back from the lab.

You can filter the rechecks list to display them in a variety of ways:

  1. Holding At: Site-specific locations (clinic, off-site, homecare, etc.)
  2. Group By: Who is to perform the task or specific locations in your clinic (assigned to, location)
  3. Limit only to pending patients: Check-marking this box will allow you to see only patients who are currently in your hospital. 
  4. Include Prescriptions: Check-marking this box will allow you to see only the patients who are currently receiving medications.

Editing, Deleting, and Checking off Individual Rechecks

You can edit, delete, and check off individual rechecks both on the Rechecks List page and on the Individual Record. 

  1. Deleting a Recheck: Click the red trash can icon.
  2. Editing Rechecks: Click on the blue pencil icon. The textbox will open, and you can make your edits.
  3. Check off as Complete: Click in the green circle to check off the recheck as complete. This action will add a checkmark in the circle and turn the whole entry gray, which indicates you’ve completed the task. (Note: tasks that still need to be completed have white backgrounds).

Printing out a PDF of Your Rechecks List

Printing out a PDF of your rechecks allows you to carry it around the hospital with you and make notes about your patient evaluations. There are two ways to print out or save a PDF of your rechecks. You can print out all rechecks at one time or individually by person or location. 

Step 1

In the Quicklinks menu, click on the Rechecks link. 

Step 2

On the Rechecks Page, filter the rechecks as you prefer. (See

Step 3

Click on one of the PDF icons. The red arrow indicates the icon to press if you want a list of all the rechecks. The two purple arrows indicate the icons to press if you want to print individual sections.

Step 4

In the window that pops up, you will be prompted to print the document or save as a PDF. Click the green Print button or the gray Save as PDF button.

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