Updating Continued Care Information

In this tutorial, you will learn how to update the continued care information for your patients’ records.

What is Continued Care?

The continued care page is where you record the daily care or treatments for the patient after the first 24 hours of care and throughout their stay at your hospital.

On the Continued Care page, you will see four panels.

  • Keywords: This is the same panel that is on the initial care tab. It is repeated on the Continued Care Tab for easy reference. 
  • Diagnosis: This is the same panel that is on the initial care tab. It is repeated on the Continued Care Tab for easy reference. 
  • Treatment Log:  This panel is where you record all of your daily treatments for the animal’s care. You can also scroll through the list of treatments performed on the animal. 
  • Rechecks: The rechecks panel is where you can schedule reminders for treatment. You can schedule vet checks, location adjustments, husbandry, etc. 
  • Disposition: This is the same panel that is on the initial care tab. It is repeated on the Continued Care Tab for easy reference. Information in this field relates to the animal’s disposition.

Understanding the Treatment Log Panel

This is one of the most important panels on this page as it is where you will record the date of treatment, the animal’s weight (if necessary), and any detailed information about the animal’s care. (activity of the animal, treatment you performed, medications you have prescribed, or general observations you have witnessed).

You can also easily scroll through all the previous treatments given to your patient in this panel as well. 

To make recording information easy for you, WRMD automatically transfers relevant treatment information into this panel. For example, WRMD will transfer your initial exam information into this panel, so you can easily reference it. Also, if you update the location information for your patient, WRMD automatically adds that the animal was moved to the new location. 

Should you want to record data or prescriptions in a way that is more unique or specific to their purpose, you can turn on any number of extensions WRMD offers. This will allow you to record prescriptions more properly which will then filter into the treatment log automatically.

Updating the Treatment Log Panel

Step 1

Go to the patient’s record and click on the continued care tab.

Step 2

Go to the Treatment Log panel to record any activity, treatment, or observations about the animal.

Step 3

Click the green Create New Treatment Log button. Your notation will appear on the list. 

Updating the Rechecks Panel

Step 1

After completing the care of the animal, you may want to schedule a recheck for a later date. Go to the recheck panel and fill in the date, to whom it is assigned, and provide a description of what is to be performed. For a more detailed description of how to add a recheck, see the How to Add a Recheck Page.

Step 2

Click the green New Recheck button.

Updating the Disposition Panel

Step 1

Should the animal be ready for release, needs to be transferred, died, or was euthanized, you can fill out the relevant fields in the disposition panel. For a more detailed look on the Disposition panel, you can review the Updating Patient Disposition Page.

Updating Continued Care Information

Step 1

When you have finished with your patient record, click the green Update Patient button at the bottom of the record to ensure everything has been saved.

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