How to Batch Update Your Patients

In this tutorial, you will learn how to batch update patient records.

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What is Batch Updating?

Batch updating refers to a simultaneous update of a group of records. While it can save time, especially if you are monitoring herd health in a group of patients, please understand that batch updating can be a dangerous tool within WRMD. Failure to pay close attention to who you are batch updating and what data you are inputting can result in all the wrong patients having all the wrong information. You may not recognize your error until it is too late, and the only way to repair this is to change the data in each individual record. What saved you time, ends up being more time-consuming. However, if you are careful, batch updating is a great time-saving tool.

Batch Updating Your Patient Records

Step 1

Visit and log into your account using the username and password that you registered with. 

Step 2

Designate who to update. You can do this in two ways:

1.     Go to the List Patients screen in the Quick Links panel on the left side. Then, check the boxes of the patients you wish to update.

2.     Go to the Search Patients screen in the Quick Links panel on the left. Perform a search for a group of patients by searching by whatever criteria appropriate for your situation (i.e.: location, species, etc.). Check the boxes of the patients you wish to update.

If you need to clear your search, click the clear selection button. This will remove all of the patients you have selected to do batch updating and you can start a new search.

Step 3

Click on the Batch Update button in the menu at the top of the search page.

Step 4

At the top of the new screen, WRMD will indicate which of the records are being batch updated. Make sure you double-check that they are the correct case numbers.

WRMD also gives you a gentle reminder that you need to fill in the values of the field you want to update, that blank values cannot be batch updated, and choose how text fields should be updated.

Step 5

On the batch update screen, you can scroll through the different tabs, which include all of the fields available to you on a patient’s record, and update any of the fields appropriate to your group of patients.

If you are updating a treatment log or a recheck, don’t forget to add the date!

Step 6

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Before you update your records, choose how you want text values to be updated. There are two options:

  • Delete the existing text values and write new values in their place.
  • Keep existing values and add my new value by comma separation.

Step 7

Click the green Batch Update My Records button.

Step 8

Double-check all records that have been updated by reviewing a few of your patient’s individual records. You can click on the list of patients that appear after batch updating or visit the Recent Patients Panel on the left.

Step 9

If you need to update a new batch of patients, make sure you clear your search results, or they may get lumped in with your new search and inadvertently get updated. Clearing your search will help you to avoid any batch updating errors.

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