Updating Existing Users Information

In this tutorial you will learn how to update existing users' information in WRMD.

There will be times when you will need to update a current user’s email address, alter a permission level, change a password, or delete a user from the account.

Step 1

In the dropdown menu under your name in the upper right of the page, click the settings icon to bring up your account information. 

Step 2

On the navigation bar on the left of your screen, under Account click the Users & Staff link. You will now be able to view a listing of all the users on your account. (Note: If your account is new, you may only see one user.)

Step 3

You can now complete any desired updates and changes to a user’s profile including:

  • Deleting a user:
    • Click the red trash can icon located next to the user you would like to delete from your account. This user will be deleted immediately and you do not need to complete any additional steps.
  • Updating a user’s
    • Click on the user’s email, name, or role to make changes/updates. Note: if you change these features, but leave the password blank, it will remain unchanged.
  • Changing a user’s
    • Click on the user’s email address to make changes/updates.
  • Update the
    • There are no hard rules for the password, but for added security, use a password that you don’t use anywhere else and change your password on occasion. Strong passwords typically contain:
      • 6+ characters
      • 1 lower case character
      • 1 upper case character
      • 1 digit

Step 4

Click on the green Update User button at the bottom left of the page to save your changes.

Below the user’s profile, you can see specific authorizations for the user. These authorizations are set by default based on the role the user has been assigned. However, you can also modify these settings by check marking the box under “allow” or “forbid” to give the user access/no access to certain features/tasks.

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