Managing Your People Privacy Settings

This tutorial will show you how to manage the privacy settings of the people within your WRMD account.

Only super admins can modify these settings.

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What are People Privacy Settings

People Privacy refers to rescuers, volunteers, members, donors, hotline responders – basically anyone that has given you their personally identifiable information. WRMD helps you to keep their information safe and secure by allowing only super administrators and trusted users to have access to anything related to people (such as these settings, links that display information about people, search for people, export people, or combine people).

How to Manage People Privacy Settings

Step 1

Visit and log into your account using the username and password that you registered with.

Step 2

Access your account settings. Click on the arrow next to your name in the top right corner and choose settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

On the left sidebar, click on People Settings in the WRMD category to access the people privacy settings.

Step 4

Choose the authorization setting you wish to grant trusted users as it relates to accessing people (Rescuers, Donors, Volunteers, Members, etc). Remember, by default, only super admins can view a person’s private data unless they grant them access via this setting.

  • Allow Full Access – by default this is set to NO. Be careful here. By clicking yes, you will be giving ALL of your user's FULL access to ALL people related pages in WRMD. It also overrides all of the more refined choices you may have made in the other categories below.

More specified settings allow you to be more refined in who can access people in your WRMD account. Under each category is a list of all users in your account. By clicking the box next to a specific person’s email, you allow users to:

  • access people from sidebar
  • access a patient’s rescuer
  • search rescuers when creating a new record
  • create new people
  • delete people
  • combine people
  • users to export people

Note: If you choose to allow users to delete, combine, or export people, you automatically give them permission to see people.

Step 5

Once you have set your permissions the way you want them, click the green Update People Settings button.

Where do I see People Information in WRMD?

Only super administrators (and users granted access to people) will see people links and people searching features. For example, two ways to access people can be seen in the image below. (1) A user can click on People in the sidebar on the Dashboard home page and see a list of everyone who has given their contact information to the organization. (2) Another way is to click on Add New Patient and search for known rescuers.

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