Disposition Analytics

In this tutorial, you will gain a basic understanding about the Disposition Analytics category.

Accessing Disposition Analytics

Before accessing Disposition Analytics, you should review the Navigating and Using Analytics tutorial. This will give you an overview of how to set date ranges and segment data into smaller groups than All Patients.

To access Disposition Analytics, click the arrow under Disposition. There are five main sections:

  • Overview
  • Releases
  • Transfers
  • Survival Rate
  • Location / Map

Overview of Disposition Analytics

The Disposition Overview section has two graphs that show you all of the animals that have had a disposition in the time period you have indicated. You will see charts as well as disposition totals.

Releases, Transfers, and Survival Rate

These charts will give you more specific details on the number of animals released or transferred during the time period you have indicated as well as their survival rates.

Location / Map View

Under the Location / Map section, you will see a map that pinpoints the release or transfer location of your patients. You will see geographic clusters where patients are grouped together and by clicking on these clusters, you will get a more detailed view of the precise location of their release or transfer.

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