Circumstances of Admission Analytics

In this tutorial, you will gain a basic understanding about the Circumstances of Admission Analytics category.

Accessing Circumstances of Admission Analytics

Before accessing Circumstances of Admission Analytics, you should review the Navigating and Using Analytics tutorial. This will give you an overview of how to set date ranges and segment data into smaller groups than All Patients.

To access Circumstances of Admission Analytics, click the arrow under Circumstances of Admission. There are five main sections:

  • Overview
  • All Circumstances
  • Select Circumstances
  • Over Time
  • Survival Rate

Overview of Circumstances of Admission Analytics

The Patient’s Overview section has two graphs that show you the Most Frequent Circumstances of Admission and the Root Circumstances of Admission within the date range and segments you have specified. There is also a data table that lists all the circumstances and provides the number of patients afflicted, the disposition, and the survival rate for each.

All Circumstances of Admission Analytics

The All Circumstances of Admission section displays three graphs:  

  • Total of Each Circumstance
  • Circumstance of Admission by Hierarchy
  • Percentage of Each Circumstance

You can click data points on the Circumstance of Admission by Hierarchy chart for more details. To return to the main chart, click the back button.

All the charts in the Analytics section are interactive. By hovering your mouse over graphs and charts, the data point you are interested in will stand out and become more visible to you. 

Select Circumstances

Select Circumstances is a great way to compare circumstances of admission against multiple segments of your patients. By selecting segments of your population and choosing the type of circumstance from the dropdown menu, you can gain a great deal of information about the types of incidents that occur with certain species and how different species compare during your designated time frame. 

In our example below, we have chosen the circumstance Cat Interaction from the drop-down menu.

We then refined our search and added the segments Aves and Mammals. Here you can see out of all our patients, what percentage of our selected sections (in this case, birds and mammals) are impacted by cats. 

If you scroll down from these charts, you can also choose additional circumstances for the segments you have chosen. The drop-down menu list is quite long, so if you cannot find the specific circumstance you are looking for, remember that you may need to scroll within the drop-down list itself. 

If you include additional circumstances, new graphs will appear on the same page. Here we included the circumstance of Tree Trimming. If you have created several charts and decided that one is not giving you the information you want, you can remove the charts by clicking the trash icon.

Over Time and Survival Rate

You can also see charts depicting the Circumstances of Admission Over Time and the Survival Rate of each circumstance when you click on these links from the drop-down menu.

These are great charts if you want to do a presentation to your board members or any other type of report where you need to visualize your data.

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