Exporting Rescuers, Volunteers, Members, and Donors

In this tutorial, you will learn how to export rescuers, volunteers, members, and donors.

Since WRMD only provides basic information on the people affiliated with your organization, you may want to export some of the data on people so you can integrate it with your much more powerful database. The steps for exporting this data are as follows.

Step 1

Log into your WRMD account.

Step 2

Go to the Quick Links panel on the left of the page and click on People.

Step 3

Click on the appropriate tab.

Step 4

In the upper left of any section, you will see a gray Export button that is tailored to the tab you are on. Click on the gray Export Rescuers, Export VolunteersExport Members, Export Donors button, respectively.

Step 5

A new page will pop up prompting you to choose the dates for which to export your file. Choose the appropriate time range.

Step 6

Click the green Export button. The file will be downloaded onto your computer.

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