Adding Rescuers

In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage your rescuers.

A Rescuer is a person who has brought an animal to your facility. They can be an individual person or an organization. They can also be volunteers, donors, members, and donors.

When you create a new patient, you will input the Rescuer’s Information on the intake form. (See “Adding Rescuer Information and Donations” in How to Admit a Patient).

All of the information about the rescuer is automatically stored in the people database.

Because WRMD stores the rescuer’s name and contact information in the People database, it gives you an advantage the next time that same person brings in a patient.

Should that same rescuer bring in a new patient, all you need to do on the intake form is search for their name. WRMD will pull up and automatically fill in the relevant fields with their contact information.

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