How to use Quick Search

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Quick Search field to search for patients.

What is the Quick Search Field?

The Quick Search field tries to be an intelligent search tool that understands what you are looking for so it can quickly find the record you need. By filtering searches and using key terms, you can effectively limit the inquiry, making your search easier and more productive. 

Using the Quick Search Field to search for patients

Step 1

Visit and log into your account using the username and password that you registered with.  

Step 2

Type in a search term into the Quick Search Field. Filter as necessary. 

  • Filtered Search: 
    • Check-marking the “Limit to year X”, allows you to limit your search to the current year. Unchecking this filter will search all of your patients across all years you have been active.
    • Check-marking the “Disposition pending”, limits your search only to patients whose disposition is pending. Unchecking this filter will search all of your patients.
  • Generic Keyword Search: WRMD will search on any generic word you type in the field. WRMD’s intelligent search will look for that word across almost any field in a patient’s record to pull up any file that uses that term. For example: you could type in the word “red” and WRMD will pull up either a list of several files that have that word in them or one specific file that has that word in it.
  • Case Number Search: You can also search by case number. By typing in the full case number, WRMD will pull up that specific patient’s file.
  • Species-specific Search: You can conduct a species-specific search. When you type in the name of a species, WRMD will recognize that as a common name and display a list of patients of that specific species. If you have used a common name of a species where the common name has multiple variations such as mule deer or black-tailed deer, WRMD will recognize them as the same species and the returned results would display both. 
  • Location Search: You can also conduct a search by location. If you want to find all the animals that have ever been in a particular location, you can type in your specific location and WRMD will pull up all the animals that have ever been associated with that location. By limiting your search to the current year or to pending patients, your list will include only those patients who are currently residing in that location. 

Step 3

Click Return.

Step 4

You will be brought to either the specific patient record you referenced, or to a page that lists all the patients that reference your search term.

Step 5

On a search where multiple results are found, you can either click on the appropriate patient or access tools that allow you to print the lists, print all the records, export the records, email them, or batch update them. These tools are in the gray background.

You can also click the red Clear Search button to display all the patients that are available for searching.

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