How to Navigate Patients

In this tutorial, you will learn how to navigate through multiple patient records.

How to Navigate Through Multiple Patient Records

WRMD makes it easy for you to navigate through your records. There are four main ways.

Using the Pagination Buttons

  • Back/Next Buttons: Click the pagination links at the top of the record to move forward or back across multiple records. When they are blue, you are able to click them. When they are gray, it indicates they are at the end of the list
  • First/Last Buttons: Use these buttons to jump to the first or last record in the list. The color-coding is the same as explained above.

Using the Search Field

  • Search Input Field: If you know the patient number, you can type it into the search field that is located in-between the pagination buttons. For example, if you know the patient’s number is 9, just type it in. When you click out of the field, WRMD will automatically take you to that patient’s record. You can even go to a record from a different year. Just type in the year and patient number (19-10) and WRMD will take you to that specific record.

Using the Recent Patients List

By clicking on any of the patients listed under the updated or admitted tabs, you will be directed to their record instantly. 

  • Updated Tab: Displays the most recently updated patients.
  • Admitted Tab: Displays the most recently admitted patients.

Using the Group Pagination Buttons after a Search

If you have done a search and WRMD finds several species that meet your criteria, you can easily navigate through this list by using the new set of pagination buttons. These buttons appear after you click on one of the patients in the list. 

  • Prev in Group/Next in Group Buttons: These buttons appear at the top of the patients record and allow you to paginate through your search results. You can see them above the regular navigation buttons.

Be aware that if you click the normal pagination buttons, you will be paginating outside of your group search results and your group search will be removed from memory. This is because WRMD assumes you are back in the regular pagination mode.

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