Agency Annual Reports

In this tutorial, you will gain a basic understanding about the Agency Reports.

Accessing Annual Agency Reports

Before accessing the Reporting Section, be sure to review the Navigating and Using Reports tutorial to learn how to access, filter, export, and print your reports.

To access the Report section, click on Reports from the Quick Links toolbar. Under the Standard tab, you will see the category Annual Reports. 

Annual Agency Reports

Annual Reports is a special category of reports that are specific to your governing wildlife agency. The reports that appear here depend on your location settings. In this example, you can see reports for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service reports and California‚Äôs Wildlife Rehabilitation Annual Report, but if you live in a different state or different country, the reports that display here will be different. 

If you do not see the Annual Report you need, email us ( so we can create that form for you.

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