How to Manage Your Veterinarians

In this tutorial you will learn how to input and manage your veterinarians in WRMD.

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Managing Veterinarians

Step 1

Visit and log into your account using the username and password that you registered with. 

Step 2

Access your account settings. Click on the arrow next to your name in the top right corner and choose settings from the drop-down menu.  

Step 3

On the left sidebar, click on veterinarians in the Account Settings category.

Step 4

Click on the green Add New Veterinarian button.

Step 5

Fill in the corresponding form fields. The two required fields are highlighted with a pink line: the name and license number of your veterinarian. The license number will vary depending on the agency that defines what a veterinarian is in your country. While the remaining form fields are not required, they are helpful for you when using WRMD. For example:

  • WRMD User: Indicating if the if the veterinarian is a user in your organization will save you time if you are using the prescription extension feature. If you choose to use the prescriptions extension, the veterinarian’s name(s) will appear by default in the associated field, and you can choose the corresponding name. If the veterinarian is the one who is signed in, it will default to their name.
  • Contact Information: If your veterinarian works off-site and not directly at your facility, it would be useful to include their contact information. Contact details can always be added or changed at any time.

Step 6

Click on the green Add Veterinarian button.

Step 7

You will return your settings page with a list of your veterinarians.

Step 8

To add more veterinarians, repeat Step 4, 5, and 6.

Step 9

Should you need to edit information on any of the veterinarians in your list, click on their name and change the information in the fields to whatever they need to be.

Step 10

To delete a veterinarian, click on the red trash can icon to quickly and permanently remove them from the list. 

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