Update Account Profile

It is important to keep your account profile up-to-date and accurate (1) because this information will be included in your annual report, and (2) it makes it easier for us at WRMD to keep in touch with you regarding database updates. Your profile should be updated on a regular basis as it includes information about your Organization, Federal and State Permits, Location, and Contact information.

Note:  Only users with Super Admin access are able to update your Account Profile.

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Update Account Contact Information

Step 1

In the drop-down menu under your name in the upper right of the page, click the settings icon to bring up your account information.

Note: If you navigate away to a different settings page and need to return to the Account Profile page, you may click the Profile link on the left navigation.

Step 2

Your Account Profile will be visible as the default setting. You can review and edit your basic account information here.

Step 3

Include your organization name permit numbers under the account profile section. The required fields are highlighted in pink. You can make changes by clicking into the text box directly.

Step 4

Include details about your location. Choose the country where your organization is located from the drop-down menu and include your clinic’s address.

Step 5

Include your contact information and keep it updated. This will help WRMD keep in touch with you and provide you with any new information pertaining to WRMD.

Step 6

It is important to include the correct time zone and date format for the location of your clinic. You can choose these formats from the dropdown menu.

Step 7

Language of WRMD defaults to English, but you can choose a few other languages by clicking the drop-down menu.

Step 8

If you wish, it would be helpful to choose an avatar for your organization. This can make your organization easy to identify.

Step 9

When you have completed the update of your profile, click the green Update Profile button.

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