Initial Setup of Your Account

This tutorial explains the important set up features of your account once you have created it.

Step 1

If you logged out of WRMD before setting up the specifics of your account, visit this page: and log back in using the same user name and password that you registered with.

Step 2

Once logged in, you will see the dashboard page. This is always the first page you will see whenever you log in.

Step 3

To access your settings, you must click on the arrow next to your name in the top right corner. This arrow will open the drop down menu where you can access your settings. Click on the settings icon in this drop down menu.

Step 4

The settings page includes all of your account information and important features that you will need to set up so that you and your team can use WRMD effectively. First to note is the left sidebar with the three general categories AccountWRMD, and Extensions

  • Account
    • Profile
      • timezone and date format: Make sure this is set up for your specific location and preference. 
      • language preferences: WRMD only supports English language for now, but we do have plans to become multilingual. 
      • Account Avatar: We recommend that you add a logo or icon of your organization as it makes identification easier when communicating on the forum.
    • Users & Staff: You can add more users to your account here. You’ll see the user’s email, name, their role (which is their access privileges in WRMD) and the date they were added.
    • Veterinarians: You can add veterinarians here, which is helpful when creating prescriptions.
  • WRMD
    • Locations: Refers to locations where you house your patients in your facility. You can set up default locations which will make it easier when you assign locations to your patients or when searching for them by location.  
    • Treatment Log: Refers to what you want to access first in the treatment log. It also includes specifications for who can access or edit these treatment logs. It is a type of permission setting.
    • People Privacy: Includes permission settings for each user for accessing and editing the personal information of rescuers, volunteers, and donors. Only superusers are allowed access to private information. No other user has access to information on people, volunteers, donors, etc.
    • Security: Allows or prohibits users from accessing information from off-site locations.
    • General WRMD Settings: Make additional customization to how your account functions and displays information.
  • Extensions: Include optional WRMD features that add more high level functionality into the database. You can easily activate the extension by clicking the green activation button on the particular feature you want to add.

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