How to Update a Hotline Incident

In this tutorial, you will learn how to update a previously entered hotline incident.

Updating a Hotline Incident

Step 1

Visit and log into your account using the username and password that you registered with. 

Step 2

Click on the Hotline Link in the Quick Links tab. 

For this link to be visible you need to have activated the Hotline Extension. If you do not see this link, review the Create a New Hotline Incident Tutorial

Step 3

Locate the incident on the Hotline Index Page under the Open tab.

If your list is long, you can also click the blue Search Hotline Incident button to conduct a search for it.

Step 4

Click on the hyperlinked incident number to open the specific incident you are looking for. 

Step 5

On the incident page, you can update or clarify information, continue the communications about the incident, or resolve the incident. Click on the relevant tab to access the fields you need. 

  • Incident Tab: This tab includes the details about the incident. You can clarify the description, make corrections, or update its status.
  • Communications Tab: This tab opens up a communications log which allows you to record the continuous communications you are having with the person about the incident. After inputting the information, click the Add Communication to Log button on this tab.
  • Attachments Tab: You can attach files or photos that someone sends to you about this particular incident, so they remain part of the record. 

Step 6

If your incident has been resolved, go to the Incident Tab and scroll to the bottom until you reach the panel called Resolution; then, input the date resolved and a description.

Saving a resolution date will automatically change the Incident Status to Resolved.

Step 7

Click on the green Update Hotline Incident button. 

Step 8

If your incident is ongoing, it will appear on the Hotline Index Page under the Open Tab.

If your incident has been resolved, it will appear on the Hotline Index Page under the Resolved Tab.

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