How to Duplicate a Patient

In this tutorial you will learn how to copy an existing patient record into a new one. 

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Why Duplicate a Record?

You may want to duplicate a record if the patient you have received is similar to an existing record. For example, you may encounter a situation where the same rescuer finds the sibling of an animal they brought in previously. Since the rescuer information and location details are the same, it will save you time if you simply duplicate the existing record.

How to Duplicate a Record

Step 1

Visit and log into your account using the username and password that you registered with. 

Step 2

Go to the patient record you wish to duplicate. You can access this in a variety of ways: enter the patient number or search for the species.

Step 3

Click on the More tab, which pulls up a drop down menu. Click on Duplicate Record.

Step 4

Review the details of the new record to confirm accuracy. The date will default to the current date and the new patient will have a new patient number. The rescuer’s contact information and the intake information will have transferred over from the source patient, but you can modify, add to, or change details as needed.

Step 5

Click on the green Duplicate This Record button.

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